Private Shuttle Bus: Hoi An Electric Taxis

You can book a private shuttle bus just like a Hoi An taxi, with space in each vehicle for up to 8 people. Unlike other taxis in Hoi An, every one of our shuttle buses are ‘open-planned’ – providing a natural breeze on even the hottest days, whilst sheltering you from the sun.

Fixed Price Hoi An Taxis

None of our shuttle bus taxis are metered. We calculate a fixed price for your journey in advance, so even if traffic extends your expected journey-time, you’ll only pay the fixed-price. That way you can always travel with peace of mind, no matter how long or short your journey.

Built for sightseeing

Our vehicles are perfect for sightseeing and taking in the local ambience, with both forward and rear-facing seats. Running wholly on electric also guarantees a smooth ride every time.

Why not choose a shuttle bus as your Hoi An taxi, and make your afternoon adventure or evening that bit more special?


Hoi An Inner City< 3kmMin 50,000 VND or 10,000 VND / px
for > 5 persons
Hoi An Inner City3 - 5 km Min 100,000 VND or 20,000 VND / px
for > 5 persons
Hoi An Inner City> 5 km Min 150,000 VND or 30,000 VND / px


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To book a private electric taxi, please fill out the form below. We will then send you a confirmation of your booking and the final price.

For very urgent requests, please use one of our other means of contact here.


If your group consists of more than 8 people, please state the number in the message box below.